In 2084, Ologarian (UFOR) ships exited hyperspace and opened fire on planet Terra. They were then banished into deep space by unknown power and all memory of them was erased. Now they are back in full force: The Ologarian Empire.

Recently, the United Stars (US) recieved a signal from unknown origin. Later, an unusual spacecraft landed on Talgth VII of the core worlds. The life-forms that emerged from the craft called themselves the Ologarians. They massacred all the humans in the area, declaring war for no apparent reason.

The Ologarian Empire MUST be stopped. They are spreading through the galaxy, an evil plague destroying everything in it's path. Which is why several strong and free races in the galaxy came together and formed an alliance. An alliance known as Crescent Moon.

Giving the galaxy a last sliver of hope.

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Added 8 new things, they are the 2 renegade ships, the top 2 UFOR ships, and the top 3 US ships.